Recruitment is only weeks away and we are so excited to meet all of our amazing PNMs! We want to be as transparent as possible with our recruitment practices and other information regarding our chapter, so swipe through to learn more about recruitment at Gamma Phi. You can also always email our Membership Vice President, Gigi Gerovac, with any questions or concerns at

Legacy policy

Gamma Phi Beta no longer gives preferential treatment to legacies during Recruitment.

Recommendation Letters

Gamma Phi Beta has replaced reference letters from Gamma Phi Beta alumnae with the option to submit references from anyone -- you don’t need to know a Gamma Phi Beta alumni to participate, and you can even submit one for yourself!  Here’s how:


Our chapter will be following all COVID precautions that have been put in place by OFSL, UCLA, and the county. In order to create a safe environment, we will have regular testing, masking, and distancing. Additionally, all chapter members have been fully vaccinated to ensure the safety of all our members and the rest of our UCLA community. 

With the help of our new EDI Committee, we will be implementing comprehensive and in-depth inclusion trainings for all of our members during our preparation for recruitment. These trainings will focus on topics related to identity such as implicit bias and microaggressions. We want our members to continuously learn how we can make Panhellenic a more inclusive space, and then put those lessons into action during recruitment and beyond.

Some PNMs may come into recruitment with the mindset that certain topics are taboo or off-limits for discussion. We want to make it clear that at Gamma Phi Beta, our members are open to engaging in conversations about things that PNMs may feel passionate about, such as social justice or activism. Gamma Phi is committed to inspiring and recruiting the highest type of womanhood. It is up to us to maintain a values-based recruitment where we can find members that are open to educating themselves, listening to all viewpoints, and contributing to an environment that is comfortable and accessible for everyone

Equity, Diversity, Inclusion

Encouraging dialogue